I am a proponent of a unique approach to teaching English which places great emphasis on students' acquiring a working understanding of the phonology of the target language, i.e. English. The benefits are manifold, stretching far beyond the simplistic aim which openly purports to do nothing more than "enable students to pronounce words properly".


It is exactly this kind of tragic oversimplification that, I believe, has caused countless lower level students to plateau, consequently driving their affective filter through the roof.  Yes, the stakes are indeed this high. My point is that mastering "pronunciation" is so much more than being understood. It is about being able to understand. Not just words but word junctures, ellision, linking, sentences, questions, hidden meanings, attitudes, jokes, opinions and so much more. 


I often meet students who have studied English for years and yet have tremendous difficulty understanding almost any authentic input. How can they? They mostly say that they "have never been taught anything about pronunciation". My teaching methodology seeks to reinvent the way we teach English, drawing on the latest theories and developments in the field of second language acquisition. 

Mgr. Martin Vanek

EFL/ESL teacher, pronunciation coach, education consultant

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Martin is a passionate teacher of English and a pronunciation coach based in Brno, Czech Republic. He has more than ten years of experience teaching English and providing tailor-made language education services across Europe. As an EFL/ESL teacher and pronunciation trainer, Martin has worked closely with leading language schools and agencies in the country. He cooperates with Masaryk University and several policymakers in the language education industry.


Rob Troy (UK), professional interpreter, London

I first worked with Martin in 2011 at a European conference where he was part of a team of international linguists who were working simultaneously in multiple languages. Martin effortlessly demonstrated an exceptional command of all his known languages. He is a highly committed individual evidenced by his astonishingly polished skills as an interpreter, voiceover/accent coach and teacher, he understands deeply the importance of preparation and brings insight and maturity to the team for someone of his age.

Martin's positivity and deep understanding of his work gives him ample strategies to get the very best out of his students. His flexible approach and optimism spurs and inspires those around him to perform beyond their expectations. As an Englishman and one who works full time in the field of linguistics, I have no hesitation in recommending Martin for any work involving the English language. He displays a fluency and accuracy better than most native speakers. He has a command of register and accent which is pinpoint accurate and shows me not only has he studied and mastered the language but takes a keen interest in our culture and way of life.

As a professional and an expert in his field I confidently recommend Martin to you and would seize every opportunity to work with him again as a colleague or under his leadership.

Ashley Jupp (UK), English teacher, Leicester/Brno

"When I met Martin in Brno recently, I was surprised to learn that he was actually Czech. My first impression was that he was English, as his accent sounds just like that of a native English speaker. He knows an enormous range of idioms and expressions and, as an aside, he is also very friendly and an easy and enjoyable person to talk to."

Bruno Zalubil (USA), proofreader, journalist, teacher, Seattle and Brno

Martin combines comprehensive and proficient knowledge with linguistic expertise in teaching the correct pronunciation. There are many language teachers, but Martin is one of the exceedingly rare few who can relay how to actually speak the language. As a longtime language teacher, I know that students constantly ask for the correct pronunciation of words. "Repeat after me" is a novice and short-term solution. Martin is one of the rare teachers who has the linguistic expertise to explain and physically demonstrate how to pronounce words and phrases correctly -- the professional and long-term solution.